Whelping serviceS

  • Care of your pregnant bitch for at least 1 week prior to scheduled whelp date of the puppies.  The option of an extra week is available for an additional fee.

  • Administration of any drugs or supplements during the bitch’s stay, which is to be provided by the owner/owner’s veterinarian.

  • Whelping the pups. If complications arise and trips to the vet are necessary, the bitch’s owner pays for the vet services. Any drugs used in the whelping process are to be provided by or paid for by the owner.  This includes but are not limited to emergency C-sections.

  • Trip to the vet for dew claw removal, initial puppy checkup, and post whelp checkup of bitch, normally 1-3 days post whelp. These vet costs are the responsibility of the owner.

  • Trip to vet for 1st round of puppy shots. These vet costs are the responsibility of the owner.

  • Administration of de-worming and de-protozoa medicines.  Some of these medicines we use keep the pups free from parasites throughout the time they are at Theres' No Place like Home Pet Care LLC. Medicine is paid by the bitch’s owner.

  • Weaning of puppies around 4 weeks of age.  The cost of the puppy food is to be paid for by the bitch’s owner.  Puppies are fed Purina ProPlan Puppy Food, unless other food is requested by the bitch’s owner.  The bitch will be fed the same food during her stay.

  • Staying at  Theres' No Place like Home Pet Care LLC.  until they are 7 weeks old.

  • Documentation of puppies weekly weights

  • Identification collars for each puppy

  • Weekly photos sent to owner

  • Assistance with puppy registration

VIP client: Philadelphia Eagles Deiondre Hall
VIP Client: Philadelphia Eagles Jalen Mills